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DYECOR® and DYESPERSE® for the perfect leather dyeing with superior properties for all leather articles.
Target industry: Automotive, Furniture, Shoe and Garment with high quality requirements.
DYECOR® anionic dyestuffs suitable for the production of all kinds of leather.
DYECOR® SOFT pre-dispersed anionic dyestuffs suitable for the production of pastel shades, whether
for automotive or garments, especially double-face.
DYESPERSE® liquid dyestuffs for the perfect application in Finishing or Wet-end processes.

  • Anionic dyestuffs, mainly homogeneous,
    with exceptional tinctorial and balanced
    good fastness properties
  • Complete range of colours
  • Brilliant shades with good penetration,
    build-up and levelness
  • Excellent shade consistency and compatibility
  • Highly cost-effective
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